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Serhat Tanyolacar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Serhat Tanyolacar - Essay Example The solidarity has given the visual picture a feeling of unity and the picture has made its importance. Utilizations an even equalization that is the most steady kind of parity. As far as scale and extent, the work of art appears to be huge. Also, the work of art has utilized a different blend of structure components such unpleasantness to build up a sentiment of sorted out development. As I would see it, the craftsman has taken as much time as necessary in making this fine art. I additionally accept that movement is principal in this fine art since the fine art can proceed onward its own through normal properties. I think specific, for example, shading, line, surface, and shape component of visual expressions contains iconographic centrality in the work of art. The general topic of the Midwest Corn picture is depicting the Midwest corn. The title of the fine art has a cozy relationship with the picture, as the picture is somewhat a corn. The work of art stands up to some social, pol icy driven issues. The picture is has a human head that can be utilized to allude to some political pioneers who impact the development of corn in Midwest. I think the author’s perspective was to address the issue of corn or horticulture in Midwest. The craftsman has utilized corn as his mechanism of work of art. This influences the picture has it will have numerous watchers. I think this was the proper medium to pull in numerous watchers. The general substance of the fine art was to depict the Midwest corn, however this contrasts from the topic since the picture has a human head and creepy crawly legs. This picture made me consider what the human head and bug legs were speaking to.

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Business Strategy Essay Example

Business Strategy Essay Example Business Strategy Essay Business Strategy Essay He has a MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Western Sydney and he has a MA in Knowledge Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. His exploration centers around Power, Control and Influence in between firm connections, just as procedure and hierarchical hypothesis all the more for the most part. List section This is an incorporating module. The module examines key ideas of procedure and gives a scope of investigative models that empower understudies to understand the intricacy of the earth in which associations work. It expands upon understudies earlier information on the useful zones of associations and relates such information to issues of key turn of events. Points This module intends to: Inform understudies of the key improvements in, and thinking got from, the investigation of system Explore models and hypotheses of procedure and their application by rehearsing directors Critically assess where and when such models are helpful Provide intriguing and connecting with models and activities that represent these ideas with the aim of building understudies capacity in vital reasoning and practice. Learning results Knowledge On consummation of this module the fruitful understudy will have the option to show the capacity to: 1. Fundamentally investigations the ideas, hypothetical thoughts and exact research endings which support the examination and the board practice of procedure; 2. Assess and apply these ideas, hypothetical thoughts and exact discoveries to build up their own perspectives on key dynamic in associations; 3. Clarify the thought of economical upper hand and the ramifications of methodology making inside a unique domain; 4. Exhibit a propelled comprehension of universal key administration 5. Exhibit a propelled comprehension of the intricacy in executing and overseeing change. Aptitudes This module Will require the fruitful understudy to illustrate: 6. Key thoroughly considering reflection on authoritative practice and applied work on contextual analyses; 7. The capacity to apply ideas, systems and procedures relating to the key examination process; 8. The capacity to create system choices for a venture and assess key decision and hierarchical fit. Prospectus 1. What is Strategy? An energy about procedure 2. Making a Start. Reason, objectives and where to begin in an untidy procedure 3. Outer Analysis: PESTLE and Future Thinking Industry way of life, seriousness and benefit 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. SIBS Strategy: From a market/client point of view Internal Audit: Resources and abilities Generic procedures and worth chain investigation Organizational Culture: Influence on methodology detailing and usage Managing key change Making Strategy Happen: Measuring execution International Strategy 10. Assembling everything Programmer Learning Outcomes Addressed in This Module Knowledge and understanding Cognitive aptitudes Practical abilities AY The center business of firms and its relationship to key administration 82 Apply and basically assess the effect Of the board models, ideas and hypotheses in hierarchical conditions CO Undertake research to address key and other administration issues inside associations AS The hypothesis and practice of business in universal settings 83 Evaluate alternatives utilizing proper dynamic rules including the utilization of budgetary devices. CO Conduct vital authoritative examination to recognize key vital issues and create arrangements AY The job of enterprise, venture and consultancy in the business condition 86 Analyses and create various insightful approachs to apply to tackle hierarchical administration issues CO Undertake basic investigations to create, design and suggest usage of vital choices. Instructing and learning systems Learning on this module will include a blend of the accompanying exercises: Reading from the set content Reading suggested extra readings and papers Case study investigation Applying your own understanding and information to hypotheses and ideas Group exercises Watching chosen video clasps and introductions Completing assignments The learning procedure will build up the ability of understudies to comprehend hypothetical structures and apply them to the business to build up a more profound comprehension of its activity. Ideas will be created in a nonexclusive goal and afterward applied to industry, in mix with information picked up in different modules. Stress that the module will give expansive structures to understanding ; far reaching inclusion is neither planned nor suitable at this level. Appraisal of Module Learning Outcomes Outcome Coursework 1 Coursework 2 Online Participation x 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Assessment conspire coursework 1: contextual analysis (40%) RED some of the time alluded to as (Product) RED, was made in 2006 as a type Of innovative free enterprise: an association that works together with a portion of the universes most popular corporate brands however for a beneficent reason. RED) is worldwide association that controls and advances an umbrella brand ((RED) that part organizations may use for their items and afterward take care of into the Global Fund to battle Aids, tuberculosis and intestinal sickness in Africa. Presently read the contextual analysis about (item) RED, a worldwide association set up for an altruistic reason, found on page 152-154 of the center content Johnson G. , Schools K. Whetting, R. , 2011, Exploring Strategy, Text Cases, FT Prentice Hall, ninth release (likewise accessible online in Unit 2). After this think about the accompanying inquiries regarding the case, and compose your answers in a short port (utilizing the layout beneath). You should don't hesitate to examine the inquiries in your organization, yet the work you submit must be your own individual work! On the off chance that the work looks like a lot of that of your partners it will be regarded to be literary thefts). 1 . Drawing on the three points of view in the Key Debate or the four positions in Table 4. 2 (4. 4 for the eighth version) of the center reference content, what is the justification of: a) The authors of (item) RED? B) The Director of Social Responsibility for GAP? C) The writer Of the article in The Times? 2. What perspectives may investors of GAP have on (item) RED? . In your view is (item) RED a proper corporate movement? 4. By what means can (item) RED add to the upper hand of a firm? You ought to present your work online by Sunday tenth November 2013. It would be ideal if you guarantee that the absolute word check is close to 2500 words. You won't be punished if the word check is less quality issues more than amount. You will be punished however in the event that your work is significantly greater than 2500 words. Coursework 2: Integrating Planning Approaches (half) The cutoff time by which the appraisal must be introduced to the University is Sunday eighth December 2013. This assignment is tied in with showing your comprehension of the models we have talked about in the course of the most recent weeks and, investigating vulnerability further. We request that you do the accompanying: 1. Characterize your (picked) industry (make certain to distinguish your particular industry section inside this comprehensively characterized industry). 2. Direct a PESTLE investigation of your (picked) industry, utilizing this to recognize the key drivers for change throughout the following 5-10 years. 3. Utilize an effect vulnerability network to distinguish two basic vulnerabilities, and utilize these thus to recognize four situations (as in the ex. outline found in Illustration 2, p. 3 in Johnson, Schools Whetting (2011) or the ex. graph found in Illustration 2, p. 58 in Johnson, Schools Whetting (2008)). . Answer the inquiry: What key issues do these situations raise for your (picked) organization or association? DO this by leading a 5 powers investigation of your (picked) industry today, and anticipating how every one of the five powers would be affected in your 4 situations. At that point remark on vital issues for your (picked) organi zation. The appraisal is requesting that you bring the three kinds of investigations (PESTLE Scenarios, 5 powers) together with the end goal that you examinations the impacts of your picked situations on your (picked) association, utilizing the five powers model. You should ask yourself inquiries like: Will any adjustments in guidelines influence section hindrances (as deregulation has in the short take aircraft business) for instance? What effect may the financial condition have on purchaser or provider power? What vital issues are raised for your (picked) business? To guarantee most extreme imprints it is significant that you contend your decisions, backing these up with clear information or different sources. We might want to see proof of research regarding the matter going past what you basically know. As far as possible is 2,500 words, and any word tally over 10% over this will bring about lower marks. Supplements are permitted as additional words [for charts and illustrations]. Imprint distribution [1 Choice of drivers for change (counting nature of research behind this) 20% [2] Impact/vulnerability network and right recognizable proof of 4 situations 20% [3] Five powers model today finished effectively [4] Five powers model changes under 4 situations [5] Consideration of issues for your picked organization and future procedure 20% Virtual Learning Environment Participation (10%) Participation in online conversations and exercises is obligatory. Cooperation will be evaluated toward the finish of the module. Written falsification Plagiarism isn't acknowledged in any coursework. In the event that you are questionable with respect to what establishes literary theft, it would be ideal if you allude to the Middlesex University written falsification strategy (generally accessible on Minibus) just as the rules on the Library Services website pages: http://nubbin. Frantic. Air conditioning. UK/study/library/record. Asps Communication and Contact Information Announcements with respect to this module will ordinarily be made by email and online declaration on Minibus. If it's not too much trouble guarantee that you consistently read your college email and are accordingly kept educated regarding any chang

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Replay… I arrived on the MIT campus in August of 1982 with all my stuff crammed into four suitcases. I quickly discovered that MIT and Baker House was the place where I would happily spend the next four years of my life. There were moments of frustration and exhaustion, but also a whole lot of fun. I survived that first year, passed all my classes and came back prepared to take on my sophomore year having declared my major and settled in for the long haul. I joined the Chorallaries, I helped design my class ring and I got involved with lots and lots of activities. Over the years I’ve spent time on campus. I haven’t missed a class reunion since I graduated and several times each year would come up with reasons why I needed to visit the campus. Alumni Leadership Conference, Campus Preview Weekend, and Tech Reunions all represented great excuses to come to Boston for a few hours or days. I also became an Educational Counselor and interviewed students every fall for over a dozen years. I still felt connected to the place although I really didn’t have a spot to call my own on the campus anymore. Last fall all that changed. I was given an opportunity to come back to campus but this time as an employee working in the Admissions Office. I had an office and my name was painted on the door but in many ways it really was like freshman year all over again. Sure, I knew which building was next to which and that the even numbered ones were on one side of Lobby 10 and the odds on the other. The Student Center had long before been renovated but it was still where you could get lunch. I also knew the every other floor rule for finding a restroom in an obscure corner of the campus so I thought I was all set. But yet, it was still kind of like freshman year all over again. I started working, collaborating with my new colleagues on a daily basis, and stayed up some pretty late nights (but not all night) reading application files. I didn’t take 8.01 last year but I did attend the last 3.091 lecture of the termagain. And over the summer I learned to sailâ€"never quite got around to that one when I was a student. I took my ice skates to my office recently, I know the rink will open soon and I want to be ready. Fortunately, once again, I have survived freshman year and so I’m back for sophomore year. I didn’t live in a dormitory last year like the rest of the freshmen but I have moved into a sorority for sophomore year this time around. Such a thing wasn’t even an option when I was here the first time but now I’m the Residential Adviser for Alpha Phi. Being a part of a living group in that way is giving me a great chance to be better informed about what life is like for every student who walks up the steps at 77 Massachusetts Avenue each morning. I do that every day tooâ€"just like I did every day for the four years I went to school here. But the coolest part is that when this four years is over, I don’t have to graduate or land my dream job…because I already have.

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Essay on Precise Software Case Analysis - 1580 Words

PRECISE SOFTWARE CASE ANALYSIS Problem: When and how to introduce an end-to-end new product to the market? Issues: 1. Should we (Precise) introduce a new product in Open World conference 2000? What could be the impact if we delay to offer an end-to-end solution in the performance management space? 2. What is the best selling strategy for the new product? 3. What is the best pricing strategy for the new product? 4. Should we maintain a single sale force or separate sale force dedicated to the new product? What kind of commissions and how much authority should we set up for the sales force regarding to the new product? 5. How can we deliver the value of the new product to meet our customer expectation†¦show more content†¦Quest Software offered around 25 different products, with some of the functions offering products relevant to Precise. Marketing Mix Analysis: A) Product Analysis: Precise offered the software that helped its clients to manage the performance of their information technology (IT) systems. Precise is in the performance management and availability market. Its products are designed to manage the performance applications utilizing Oracle database. The company had focus on a small range of core products but provided users high quality that promised. Precise offered the software license and services. The main products were insight products, SQL and Presto. Precise/SQL accounted for 86% of all Precise’s software licensing fees. The company has strong trained account reps with very strong relationships with key clients. End-to-end response time is extremely important to ensure the system ran efficiently and effectively. All of the available products focused on the performance of each of the components of the system. The sales cycle is 6 to 12 months on average. Precise realized from the feedback of its consumers that they should provide right sol utions to its clients rather than the products. However, a full-functionality end-to-end performance tool needs a long time to be developed. It’s going to take six and nine months to get a basic product with purely monitoring only. The fullyShow MoreRelatedEssay on Sizing Software with Testable Requirements1107 Words   |  5 PagesTitle : Sizing Software with Testable Requirements Article summary Without measuring the cost the project cannot be managed. In order to size the project the testable requirements can be used . The Testable requirements implies a new software measurement paradigm. There are some attributes and applications which needs to be identified. In the industry the sizing measures are generally used to normalize the different sizing measures ,hence it can be compared . Further without a sizing theRead MorePrecise Software Solutions900 Words   |  4 PagesBackground of case study: Precise is developing performance management and availability software serving firms with complex network of hardware and software components. Market Dynamics The leading seller of database management systems was Oracle followed by BMC and Quest Problem Area: Designing the following for their new product: * Product Launch Calendar * Market Strategy * Sales Force Strategy * Channel Strategy Growth Rate: The market is experiencing a very high growthRead MoreLessons for Managing Technology Projects1055 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Lessons for Managing Technology Projects From Construction Case Assessments and Analysis Introduction Managing the scope, complexity and costs of enterprise systems including information technology (IT) projects is very comparable to managing a complex construction project as well. Just as IT projects have many dependencies and complex requirements that serve to constrain scope and costs, the same holds true on large-scale construction projects as well (Chang, 2010). The essential elementsRead MoreAnalysis Of Web Application Security Instruments Essay1563 Words   |  7 Pagesinjected according to a set of representative restrictions and rules defined in [17]. The attack injection methodology is based on the dynamic analysis of information obtained from the runtime monitoring of the web application behavior and of the interaction with external resources, such as the backend database. This information, complemented with the static analysis of the source code of the application, allows the effective injection of vulnerabilities that are similar to those found in the real worldRead MoreRecommendation Letter For My Superiors At The Company I Work1712 Words   |  7 Pagesrequest. Secondly, I will need to analysis my audience. Thirdly, I will need to specify which tactics will be used to influence my audience. Finally, I will write the memo that I plan on submitting to my audience. 1. Request: The industry of construction is an industry where you have to be precise and very accurate. This is why I will be requesting that the superiors in my company purchase a piece of software â€Å"Chief Architect† and revert from using their current software â€Å"Sketch-up†. This task will requireRead MoreCase Analysis574 Words   |  3 PagesCase 11.1- Mazda and Syzygy Case Overview Mazda Motor Europe hired an observational company by the name of Syzygy to monitor the consumers that uses their website. Situation Analysis Mazda Motor Europe would like to know details about how consumers are using their website and if the website is user friendly. Questions 1. What could Mazda learn from eye-tracking software that would be difficult to learn? from other observational methods? The eye-tracking software provides Mazda withRead MoreWhite Box Testing : Test Suites865 Words   |  4 Pageswill create test suites. The implementation of a software component describes how the component produces output values out of input values. Because strategies for white box testing start from an in-depth analysis of the source code. They are amenable to rigorous definitions, mathematical analysis and precise measurements. 1) Path Testing Basis path testing is a white box testing techniques which is first proposed by Tom McCabe. It allows the test case designer to make a logical complexity measureRead MoreUnified Modelling Language1476 Words   |  6 Pagesof this literature survey. 2.2 RELATED WORK 1. Ghislain Levesque et al. [1] have proposed a estimating software size with unified models. Automate the measure from a UML perspective and the other to add an objective measure of complexity to a standard measure in COSMIC-FFP in order to reach a higher level of confidence with those measures. So far, it can be concluded that, from UML use-cases and Actor-Object sequence diagrams of a system application, the number of messages exchanged correspondRead MoreCase of United States Versus Microsoft Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesCase of United States Versus Microsoft United States versus Microsoft Corporation case was a set of combined civil engagements filed against Microsoft relating to the Sherman Antitrust Act by the Department of Justice. In the case, the Department of Justice purported that Microsoft abused monopoly supremacy on PCs in its control of OS sales and web browser software sales (Lohr Brinkley, 2001). The conflict evolved around the integration of the internet explorer browser software in Microsoft’s WindowsRead MoreFunctional Testing Essay1476 Words   |  6 PagesI. Introduction Functional Testing is basically testing software based on its functional requirements. Meaning it makes sure that the SUT (System Under Test) or program physically works the way it is intended. Now that there is a basic understanding of what Functional Testing is by the definition provided above; How about going more In-depth on the topic. This paper will provide answers to questions that the writer had on the topic as well as to the overall importance of Functional Testing. Questions

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Essay about Painting a Portrait of Death - 811 Words

â€Å"Painting a Portrait of Death† Death is inevitable to all forms of life. In giving birth to a typical family, Flannery O’Connor immediately sets the tone for their deaths, in the story, A Good Man is Hard To Find. OConnor’s play on words, symbolism and foreshadowing slowly paves the way for the family’s death. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;OConnor begins to paint the image of death with her presentation of the grandmother. As the family prepares for their adventure the grandmother carefully selects her attire. â€Å"A navy blue straw sailor hat with a bunch of white violets on the brim and a navy blue dress with a small white dot in the print. Her collars and cuffs were white organdy trimmed with lace and at her neckline she had pinned a†¦show more content†¦OConnor purposely places â€Å"five or six† graves in that area to symbolize each of the family members. This scene foreshadows that all of the family members are put to death in a completely isolated area, surrounded by the thickness of nothing. The grandmother tells the family, â€Å"That was the old family burying ground. That belonged to the plantation† (OConnor 268). Not only does her quote symbolize that their whole family will soon lay their, but it allows the son to inquire, â€Å"Were’s the plantatio n† (OConnor 268). The grandmother responds, â€Å"Gone With the Wind† (OConnor 268), this symbolically representing each of the family members at the end of the story as their souls have been let loose and set free like the wind. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;By illustrating play on words, OConnor continues to maintain the trend of death. The town where the family meets their fate is brilliantly noted, Toombsboro† (OConnor 270). Two deadly words are excreted from the town’s name, tomb and bury. The meaning of the town enhances a foreshadowing quote from the misfit. The grandmother asks, â€Å"What did you do to get sent to the penitentiary that first time?† (OConnor 276). The Misfit’s answer slyly enhances the meaning of the town’s name by explaining, â€Å"Turn to the right, it was a wall†¦Turn to the left it was a wall.Show MoreRelatedJohn Copley and Benjamin West813 Words   |  4 Pagesfurther into Copley’s and West’s artwork(s) and this is what I have found. John Singleton Copley’s painting: Mars, Venus, and Vulcan: The Forge of Vulcan features Venus which is the symbol of love and sex. It shows Venus as very seductive young woman. It also has cupid’s arrows which also represents love. Half of the painting is painted dark giving the painting a dreadful feeling. Half of the painting is painted light giving the feeling of relief. There are three cupids in the picture doing completelyRead MoreArnolfini Marriage by Jan Van Eyck976 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Arnolfini Marriage† is a very famous painting by Jan Van Eyck painted in the early 15th century, which is in the National Gallery in London. According to the Catalogue of the National Gallery, the painting is just a portrait of the couple Arnolfini that is showing their marriage. Waldemar Januszczak, an author and presenter, believes that this portrait was wrongly named and it should have been called â€Å"the Arnolfini Pregnancy†. Januszczak believes that Mr s. Arnolfini is pregnant and she is dead atRead MoreThe Renaissance Era915 Words   |  4 Pageswake of death, destruction, and war came the Renaissance. The Renaissance was an era of cultural rebirth that swept across Europe during the 14th to the 17th century . This era marked the time in which man returned to their classical learning and values of ancient Rome and Greece and began to change their attitude towards religion (Renaissance Art). While the Renaissance is in the past it continues to live on throughout many different fields of art, theories and movements. However, paintings such asRead MoreThe Fall Of Death, Destruction And War879 Words   |  4 Pageswake of death, destruction and war came the renaissance. The renaissance was an era of cultural rebirth that swept across Europe during the 14th to 17th century . This era marked the time in which man returned to their classical learning and values of ancient rome and greece and began to change their attitude towards reli gion ( staff). While the renaissance is in the past it continues to live on throughout many different fields of art, theories and movements, however, paintings tend toRead MoreAnalysis Of Poe s The Oval Portrait 1067 Words   |  5 PagesPoe brings about the death of a beautiful woman through the theory of Biocentrism by using memory, imagery, and obsession with love. Robert Lanza, a professor from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina proposed the theory of Biocentrism in 2007 and was credited in The American Scholar. He states that death does not exist in any real sense unless we associate ourselves with the body. The consciousness of an individual is just energy. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. ThereforeRead MoreThe Picture Of Dorian Gray1482 Words   |  6 PagesPicture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde uses the portrait of the young protagonist as a symbol of many things, one of them being a mirror. Wilde also uses Gray’s death to not only signify suicide, but his true unhappiness through the stabbing and thus killing of his own soul. Throughout the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde tells a tale about a young man named Dorian whose entire life changes after he meets Basil Hallward, who paints a portrait of Gray that ultimately leads to Gray’s demiseRead MoreSelf Portraits: Ekphrasis Poetry918 Words   |  4 Pagespainters, but also gives voice to the torments of the artists, their subjects, themes of death, life and love. The book as an entire collection gages the immediacy of art and time, because life is but a fleeting glimpse of fractured memories and light. Moreover, the images presented in Gehrke’s collection are intertwined capturing the urgency to paint, the transcendence of the artist from their body, as painting is an out of body experience, but also maintains the humanity of the artist’s by examiningRead MoreAnalysis Of Jan Van Eyck s The Wedding Portrait 1194 Words   |  5 Pageshis career as an artist in 1422 and continued until his death in 1441. While Van Eyck was active, he created many well-known paintings. According to John Haber, Van Eyck was a portraitist who was the first to paint in oils (pg.1). One of his most famous works is Wedding Portrait, or Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride. This painting depicts a man and a woman holding hands in matrimony with many symbolic objects surrounding them. The painting was created in 1434 and currently resides at the NationalRead MoreComparing The Girl With A Pearl Earring And Mona Lisa1332 Words   |  6 PagesName Professor Course Date Comparison of the Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa   The Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa are the two most famous portraits ever painted  (Courtauld 36). The girl with a pearl earring follows the Mona Lisa painting, which is considered as the most famous painting. The girl with a pearl earring, by Johannes Vermeer, and the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci were created during the same historical time. Historians believe that Leonardo da Vinci created his artRead MoreArt Is A Great And Powerful Form Of Expression977 Words   |  4 PagesArt is a great and powerful form of expression. Artist such as Hans Holbein, have been immortalized within his paintings. One of his most profound paintings is The Ambassador. ‘This picture memorializes two wealthy, educated and powerful young men’. This painting resides inside the National Gallery in London. Hans Holbein was born in Augsburg in southern Germany in the winter of 1497. He learned how to paint from his father Hans Holbein the Elder. ‘In 1515 he and his brothe r Ambrosius Holbein went

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The Discovery Of Fluorine Essay Research Paper free essay sample

The Discovery Of Fluorine Essay, Research Paper rubric = The find of Fluorine The isolation of F had challenged chemist for many old ages, taking the lives of at least two scientists in the procedure. Fluorine receives its name from the Latin, fluo, intending flow. The first existent effort to liberate F, was done by a chemist by the name of Humphyry Davy, between the old ages of ( 1811-1813 ) . He foremost tried to emancipate the component by utilizing the chemical methods, but this failed. He so went on to seek and electrolysis procedure utilizing batteries. The job with this was that the electrolytes used either produced Hydrogen and Oxygen or fluoric acid in vapor signifier, doing it hard to analyze. He so went on to manner a electrochemical cell from horn Ag because the H fluoride attacked glass. But this besides failed, his H fluoride contained H2O. Davy gave up. Following Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac and Louis-Jacques Thenard were able to make a liquid H fluoride free of H2O. But it doesn # 8217 ; t conducted the electricity needed for electrolysis. Thus ended their weak efforts to make F. In 1834, Faraday ( God of Electrolysis ) , used the electrolysis of lead fluoride in Pt vass to give fluoride bluess, HORAA! But no after strict scrutiny he excessively failed. Then along came a pupil of Faraday, Henri Moissan, he used electrolysis with H fluoride and Fremy # 8217 ; s method, the consequence, a xanthous gas fluoride. Finally after the loss several scientists lives, non to advert the hurting and agony felt at the custodies of chemists while unusual chemicals ate through their critical variety meats. All of this in the name of Science, and at that place quest to happen new elements. That can carry through many new fantastic things such as the separation of U. That we can utilize in Nuclear power workss to provide 3 per centum of the universe # 8217 ; s power and in atomic arms so powerful they can merely be used for peace maintaining. But Fluorine can besides be used for other utile things like in pharmaceuticals, , insect powders, and high energy fuels. Hey these fuels can be used to do dragsters faster or assist in NASA # 8217 ; s pursuit.